Weight-loss Tips for May

May officially begins after Labor Day.
The temperature gradually increased, and at this time our body perspiration increases, and appetite decreases; So if you grasp the opportunity at this moment, will be more conducive to reduce body fat. (If you are sports lover, don’t miss this chance to get to know more about us, because we are a professional manufacturer who dedicate to healthcare industry. Want to know more? Click the link to visit us: )

But blindly trying to lose weight can be a waste of effort.
4 mistakes when burning body fat, did you know?


Many people believe that after a night's sleep, the body has burned up so many carbohydrates that it is ready for the fat-burning phase. Might not eating anything burn fat faster?

The truth is, the body needs glucose for fuel to give it power during exercise, especially high-intensity exercise. Not eating just degrades the body and leads to muscle loss.

Studies show that unless you do more than 90 minutes of aerobic exercise, eating carbs in the morning has nothing to do with burning fat. If you burn more carbs during exercise, you'll burn more fat afterward. The after-burning effect of fat is even stronger if you exercise after eating!


Too much aerobic exercise can overload your body, affecting your sleep quality and digestive system. It also reduces muscle mass.

If you want to cut calories, 30% exercise and 70% eat are the most effective.

Start with eating habits that are clean, healthy and nutritious. Eat slowly and eat light. Limit food intake and reduce sugar intake. Try not to eat dessert.


The amount of calories burned on a treadmill is just an estimate. It's the intensity, not the length, that counts.

High intensity interval exercise (HIIT) is the way to go.

For example, there are many benefits to running a marathon, including cardio and willpower. But if you run marathons all the time, your body gets used to the long run and adjusts to burn fewer calories the more you run. So you should do strength training while running.

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You know what? When you do a single activity, for example, always run for 30 minutes three times a week. Then our body ADAPTS to this regular pattern. After a month, our body will use less and less energy to do the same exercise the next month. This will burn fewer and fewer calories, with less effort.
Therefore, the correct way is to do a variety of exercises, so that our body can not adapt to a single pattern of consumption, in order to get more results.


Because aerobic exercise, such as rope skipping and jogging, can achieve the purpose of burning calories, but it does not improve the basal metabolic rate for long.


And strength training, for instance deep squat, hard pull, lie push to wait, although cannot raise heart rate for a long time, but it can improve muscle mass, increase muscle content, make base metabolic rate gets rise thereby, we also can consume more quantity of heat when resting.


So tie-in "aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise", just be the best method reducing weight.


The energy source of strength training is muscle glycogen. Prolonged aerobic exercise depletes both muscle glycogen and body fat as an energy source. If you do aerobic exercise for a long time first, then the glycogen in your muscles will be depleted because of aerobic training, and then you will feel tired when you do strength training, because there is no more sugar to provide energy.


On the other hand, if you do strength training first, you will burn a certain amount of glycogen, and then you do aerobic exercise, in theory, you can burn more fat.
So a good workout for people who are losing fat should focus on strength first and cardio second.


Strength training is 30% of the total training time and cardio is 70% of the total training time. Strength training can exercise 1-2 muscles at a time, choose 3-5 movements to practice, use multiple sets of 4-6, the number of 15-30 times. Keep your heart rate between 60% and 70% of your maximum heart rate during aerobic exercise.
So now you know how to reduce the fat, now let's move!

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Post time: May-06-2022

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