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Why we should wear knee pads at work?
We all know to wear a hard hat, we know to wear a hi-vis, steel toe caps and safety glasses, but what about Knee Pads? According to an online survey on Instagram where 50% of people admitted to not wearing knee pads regularly, even though they were aware that they should. Knee Pads are an very important part of PPE that many people seem to forget about. Below let’s explain why Knee Pads are essential in the trade and the usefulness of wearing them.

What is the purpose of designing knee pads?
Knee pads are necessary on job site. You can buy some high-quality knee pads without spending too much money that will protect your knees from injury at work.

Lets take a look into the reasons you should always be wearing knee pads when the job requires them:

1. They reduce impact felt by the knees whilst protecting the knee caps

2. You don’t need to worry about injuring yourself

3. More comfortable working

In a word, knee pads reduce the impact felt by the knees, protecting the knee caps and providing more comfortable kneeling. They should always be worn in jobs that require extended time on your knees such as carpet laying, roofing, tiling and more.

They have been shown to prevent osteoarthritis of the knee, the most common form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs when “the cartilage that protects the ends of your bones wears down over time.”

Statistics show that more than 60% of knee injuries are caused by wear and tear. The absence of knee pads when required at work was an important leading factor, meaning that many of these injuries could have been prevented if appropriate ppe had been worn.



Which knee brace should I wear?

Types of protective knee pads are based on the type of occupation for which they are intended. Let’s see what types of protective knee pads exist and how they differ:

Sports Knee Pads: Differ from each other with type of padding – it is clear, that basketball players do not need so thick and durable padding as volleyball players need, because volleyball has specifics which requires players to fall on the ground while diving and digging, so knees frequently get direct blows. Basketball players need longer knee pads which are protecting shins too, because for basketball players shins are the most impacted part of the body. In extreme sports such as motocross, BMX, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding knee pads must be as durable as possible, because extreme sports include activities of high level danger which are connected with great speed, height and physical exertion. Extreme sports usually are practiced in natural environment which is not adapted for safety, so there is a higher risk of different injuries.



Knee Pads for Dancing: Especially for hip-hop and breakdance which include elements of acrobatics, have durable, but at the same time flexible cushioning which provides knee protection and improves performance. If it is not a dancing practice, but a dance performance, dance knee pads usually are matched with dancing costume, so that they are invisible. For example, flesh-colored tights are matched with beige color knee pads.


Working Knee Pads: Are necessary when performing works in which you have to lean on knees. Used by builders, plumbers, industrial climbers – roofing knee pads, knee pads flooring; Working knee pads may not be so flexible, but they have to be extremely durable and comfortable, because in such works as carpeting, concreting, tiling, flooring, gardening and construction worker has to spend a lot of time on its knees, therefore the padding has to be as comfortable as possible, thereby reducing the pressure on knees and thus knee pain and fatigue. Working knee pads mostly are used for preventing of occupational knee injuries. There is a lot of working knee pads, for example, hard-cap, curved soft cap, flat-cap knee pads, kneeling pads, rolling knee pads, knee inserts, and all of them are meant for certain and specific purposes.


Military or Tactical: Made of bulletproof material. Such knee pads not only protect the knee from injury when falling but also from shots. They are used by the military and special services; They usually are the part of the uniform among military and they are made of extremely durable and dense bulletproof material, making them bullet-proof and thus safe in almost every situation. Of course, they are meant not only for safety against bullets or other dangerous impacts, but also for knee protection against bruises or abrasions caused by crawl or squat during warfare or other similar conflicts.


Knee Pads are not only used in the above scenarios, you’ll find them used in other scenarios as well as in many different sports activities, such as hockey, and gardening. We hope that this blog post has helped highlight the benefits of wearing Knee Pads in our life and why it is so important to wear them under certain circumstances. They aren’t expensive, and could potentially save you a lot of hassle in later life. You can click on the Knee Pads directory on our website to check out the knee pads you need.





Post time: Feb-24-2022

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